These three words define education at Kentucky Christian University. Christ is the center of education at 网赌最好最大平台. Being people of character means becoming the person God intends us to be. We’re committed to a high standard of academic excellence, but we’re also committed to helping students gain a biblical foundation of knowledge, encouraging them to gain a global perspective, and challenging them to use their new knowledge through unique learning opportunities. Career completes the experience as students graduate to pursue real opportunities to use what they’ve learned as they impact the world for Christ in chosen professions.

With this unique combination of educational elements, it’s easy to see that 网赌最好最大平台 students are not your typical college student. They strive to be better leaders. They live up to a higher standard. They get outside their comfort zones and push their limits. They don’t just talk about changing the world for Christ, they do it.

Nearly 70 percent of these students depend on financial assistance and scholarships to make it through college. They chose 网赌最好最大平台 because they wanted a high-quality, Christ-centered education. They want to learn how to integrate faith into every aspect of their lives. They want to know the Bible. They want an education centered on the teachings of Christ. That’s why 网赌最好最大平台 is committed to offering a complete education that develops the whole person, intellectually, professionally, and spiritually. Prayerfully and financially supporting 网赌最好最大平台 is one way you can become part of this transformational education. By contributing to 网赌最好最大平台 you are helping students grow to a new level in their personal faith. You are giving them the opportunity to gain new knowledge about the Bible and within their chosen discipline, enabling them to pursue a career and achieve their highest potential. And you are making it possible for them to embark on this university adventure that will build a foundation to sustain them the rest of their lives.

Charitable contributions are the life blood of a privately owned, independent university. When properly planned, gifts to 网赌最好最大平台 offer donors the personal satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in the University’s future while also providing charitable giving tax and financial benefits.

For information about making a gift to 网赌最好最大平台, visit Ways to 给.

Lifelong Friends

“At 网赌最好最大平台, you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends with other faculty, staff and students.  I know for
me, these friendships will continue into eternity as these will be some of my treasures stored in heaven.”

Dr. Mitch Marshall, 网赌最好最大平台 Professor

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